All editorials are made with a lot of love in close cooperation with the editorial staff of the selected magazines.  

Blvd. May 2000

The text reads:
This is not an advertisement, this is not a teaser, these are not credits, this is a story.

adidas approached Fanclub who asked Mo Veld, who thought she, Maurice Scheltens and goodwill could make a four-page editorial image together for adidas and Blvd. They asked Jull Hondius for technical assistance, and let frans at Vierde Dimensie extend his pyrotechnic expertise. Maurice and goodwill would like to thank everyone mentioned for letting them set off fireworks, believing that you don't always have to find a reason for doing so. While they were working, they saw some amazing rainbows.

RE- Nov. 2000

From old skool to new skool.

Photography: Martine Stig.

Model: Maurice Scheltens aged 8 (1980) and 28 (2000)

‘Lexington Olympic Shoes’
DUTCH- Oct. 2000

Photography: Michael Evanet.