Before Levi’s Engineered was introduced we had a shopwindow featuring the newly invented Jeans. It was featured in PS, the weekend magazine of newspaper Het Parool.

“Thank you for standing still! Right in front of the Fanclubshop. And in front of a pair of LEJ jeans. LEJ stands for Levi’s Engineered Jeans. Hey, it’s brand new. And it’s from Levi’s! What makes LEJ different from other jeans? I hear you thinking. It’s the twist! Have a further look. You will see that both of the legs have a stitch which is turning from the sides to the front. Can you see it? Yeah, right in front of you. Put your nose in the air. It’s nice. It makes you have that extra comfort when wearing it. Can you imagine? We kindly advise you: run to a Levi’s® shop and feel for yourself.”


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