Our vision

In today's saturated media market brands should be extremely mindful with their communication. Shouting louder than the competition or invading people’s private space with overbranded experiences may result in a boomerang effect of numbness, irritation and aversion in the long run.

Consumers rely most on information they discover themselves, based on their own experience or coming from sources they trust.

Let’s be honest: how credible are brands as source of information about themselves?

Word-of-mouth is becoming an increasingly important communication tool for brands. Brands should try to create true fans. People that really love a brand are the most powerful and effective spokespersons the brand can have.

Brands that manage to offer meaning in their communication and contact with consumers generate an invisible but powerful bond that is difficult to break. That bond can not only be formed by the brand communication itself, but also through its network of fans, acting as brand ambassadors.