Rarely do our Fan-hearts leap with joy as with this newly released gay zine: Butt. This Amsterdam based Fag Mag is definitely the coolest in the whole wide pink clad world of paper! Our good fans Gert Jonkers (fashion journalist and uncrowned king of editors) and Jop van Bennekom (prize winning stud art director / editor of RE- magazine) did what nobody ever dared do before: make a gay porn zine that is fun, fashion, freaky and friendly, and not only for gay men. I mean, who can resist übercute German fashion designer Berhard Willhelm undressed by Wolfgang Tillmans, printed on pink paper?
Don’t miss this first issue, even if it’s half in Dutch, half in English with a splash of French. The visuals speak in many tongues.
e-mail Butt: buttmagazine@xs4all.nl