About one year ago we were thinking of expanding the Fanshop to its current size and function. Little could we imagine the impact this was gonna have. We plunged into a four-month reconstruction period dealing with freaky things like dust, noise and construction workers’ planning. By the time we picked the pink paint for our building we finally got around to planning some fun. Well, we don’t need to tell you. You were part of it all, as a ‘shareholder- /member’, a visitor or victim of non-stop spam. Fanshop went into a frantic rhythm of weekly makeovers, opening parties, morning after cleaning and restoration sessions. Exhibitions, fashion shows, concerts, sample sales, you name it, we did it. Fanshop was in every city report in every magazine (ok, mostly Japanese), we were nominated ‘the best spot to meet cool guys’ by a local women’s magazine and we’ve had television crews from all over to interview us, to explain to the world what on earth we think we are doing.

So we did some thinking again and figured we could do things even better.  The ‘Fanshop Members Program’ is slowly running to an end and we’ve concluded that Fanshop definitely has the potential we dreamt it could have. Experience is a great teacher, and so we decided that the Fanshop should have a permanent factor next to the ever-changing activities being held there. That’s why, as from early September, a small part of the space will become an actual shop, sort of like the temporary shops we used to do for Xmas. In the shop we will not only sell very cool stuff from our creative network and our clients. We’ve also arranged to have a very nice shop assistant who will provide the public with information about Fanclub projects, the network, the stuff we sell, the exhibitions and other activities we will keep on doing with the Fanshop ‘members’. This way Fanshop will be open at regular hours and as well as checking some inspiring displays or happenings in the gallery you will know where to get your favourite underground zine, the best custom-made mix-CDs, the coolest DIY generation clothes, accessories and gadgets, and your favourite shampoo too. Besides that we would like you to share with us your ideas on some topics concerning culture and commerce, society and our brand new century. We’ll also invite you to join in on producing cool merchandise around such topics, organize forums, gatherings or just fun fan-nights watching movies, listening to our favourite records and such. We want you to feel free to make Fanshop your own.

Concerning the continuation of the ‘Fanshop Members Program’, for those who want to use the Fanshop for their own exhibitions, presentations and so on, little has changed. For a contribution of Euro 500, - Fanshop Members can plan their own activity for one week. That’s a slight mark up but in exchange we have someone hosting the exhibition full time and providing extra services. Besides that we also propose to collaborate on special Members’ merchandise to be sold in Fanshop simply to make some money back for all of us. And finally we’d really like to generate group exhibitions or happenings that last a bit longer and generally move onto a more international plan. We’re currently looking for sponsorship to make bigger and better events in the Fanshop possible.

So, that’s it really. Let us know if you’re in, what your visions are and let’s rock the house! Together.